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The Resource book

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The toolkit

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The journal

A range of interactive, engaging activities designed to be used by small groups of young people.


It covers six main chapters addressing many of the issues in the ‘Resilience Framework’, for example emotional literacy, self esteem and identity, and dealing with challenge.


A conversation aid which consists of suggested questions and prompts which can help get to the root of any problems a young person might be experiencing, as well as an informal risk assessment. 


To empower confidence that you are not saying ‘the wrong thing’.

It also includes ideas for strategies that an adult may want to suggest to a young person to try and help them manage strong emotions.

An interactive resilience journal for young people. We believe that the best way this journal can be used is to allow the young person to take it way, use in their own time, and then meet back to discuss any issues that it might have raised in a safe space with a parent/teacher or trusted adult.

There is a section broaching the increasingly common issue of self-harm, with a simple explanation of why a person might be self-harming, how to break out of this negative cycle, and also how to help a friend who is self-harming.


It has not been designed to stay immaculate, so the messier it can get the better!

new enquiries

If this is your first time requesting Lemonade resources from us we would love to send you a free sample of each item so you can decide how you could best use them, and which would be most useful to you. 

Whether you are a parent/carer or work in an organisation supporting young people, please fill out one of the short forms below, and we will post the resources to you.

Repeat orders

If you have previously used our resources or have received samples and would like to request more please fill out the information below and we will be in touch with you.


Our funding criteria currently allows us to offer subsidised or even fully funded options.

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