The Resource Book

This resource contains over 50 discussion topics, interactive activities and role play scenarios that are designed to be used in an informal youth work setting. This could be in a range of community contexts, e.g. after school or lunch time sessions, through youth outreach, at youth clubs or even in the home.

It is written specifically for professionals that work directly with young people and who are skilled in running and facilitating group work and one-to-one interventions with young people. However, you don’t have to be creative to run these sessions - just able to follow instructions!

The book is designed to be used in a way that can be adapted for each group or setting. Each chapter contains four conversation topics and activity combinations, which should be used to spark discussions with young people around a particular issue.

The resource book is comprised of six chapters:

  1. Bouncing Back - Foundations for Resilience

  2. Feelings, Emotions & Moods - Building Emotional Literacy

  3. Sour Situations - Dealing with Challenges

  4. Friends, Family & Role Models - Understanding & Maintaining Relationships

  5. All About Me - Self Esteem & Identity

   6. The Future - Setting Goals & Moving Forward

We offer free training sessions to teach and support anyone working with young people on how to use the resource in their settings. To find out more or request training, please see our 'Training Days' page.

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