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Why was the resource book developed?

The Resource Book was designed in response to the number of young people who are increasingly struggling with their mental and emotional health, and finding it difficult to express their emotions in a healthy way.


The Resource Book has been written as a prevention and early intervention strategy, to provide young people with coping techniques before they reach the point of needing any specialist care.


We believe that all children and young people should be given the opportunity to build a strong foundation of resilience that they can draw upon when life gets difficult. 

How do i use the resource book

The Lemonade Resource Book has been designed to be used by a group leader working with small groups of young people in settings that they are familiar with, such as after-school clubs, youth groups and PSHE lessons. It covers six main chapters addressing many of the issues in the ‘Resilience Framework’, for example emotional literacy, self esteem and identity, and dealing with challenges. 

Each chapter contains sessions designed to take approximately one hour, in which a subject is introduced and conversation around this is encouraged.

Each session then features a related activity, which can be used to demonstrate the message, but also acts as a hands-on way that young people engage with whilst stimulating further discussion of the topic at hand. This way, children can continue the conversation whilst not being forced to engage in direct eye contact or worry about awkward silences.


The activities are created to be low-cost and any templates needed are in the back of the Resource Book. 

The Resource Book can be used in the order it comes, or as a resource to pick and choose sessions which are most appropriate for the specific children in the small groups.


We have found the best way to run sessions is to hold weekly meet-ups with groups of no more than 10 people, over a course of 6-8 weeks. 

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