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What Is Resilience...

Resilience can be described as having the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties in life. It is what gives people the strength to deal with emotional and physical challenges and refers to a person’s ability to ‘bounce back’, despite difficult circumstances.

It can be argued that all people have the building blocks to develop resilience, depending on their levels of self awareness, motivation and the support that they receive from others.

Research suggests that building resilience can support young people to cope better with life’s challenges and therefore this can reduce their likelihood of undertaking harmful behaviours such as risk taking and self harm in adolescence.

Professor Angie Hart, with help from her colleagues Derek Blincow and Helen Thomas, developed a tool called the Resilience Framework. It explores key elements that support individuals to develop their resilience by breaking resilience down into five sections...





Core Self

For more information on the resilience framework...

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