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Life & lemons Journal

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What is the life and lemons journal?

The Life and Lemons journal is an interactive resilience journal for young people to use themselves.

It has been designed to work alongside the Resource Book, covering similar topics to the ones in the outlined sessions. It can therefore be used alongside a course of sessions using the Resource Book.

However, it can also be used as a stand-alone journal, and given directly to young people to be used as they find most helpful.

The pages are self-explanatory and easy to read, using a ‘wreck-it’ style approach to help young people better understand how to reflect on and cope with strong emotions.


There is also a section broaching the increasingly common issue of self-harm, with a simple explanation of why a person might be self-harming, how to break out of this negative cycle, and also how to help a friend who is self-harming.

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How do i use Life and lemons journal?

We feel that one journal per person is best, so that the young person takes ownership of the book and can keep it private if they wish. It is up to them to use the journal as they feel best, and everybody has different favourite parts and parts they might not use.


It has not been designed to stay immaculate, so the messier it can get the better!

We believe that the best way this journal can be used is to allow the child to take away the journal and use it in their own time, and then meet back to discuss any issues that it might have raised in a safe space.

This could be as part of a group or as a 1-to-1 mentoring programme.

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