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The Lemonade Project

Building resilience in young people

Slice of Lemon

​ The Lemonade Project is an initiative of Shared Health Foundation with the aim of building resilience in young people who are experiencing low levels of emotional wellbeing. 


It is part of Shared Health Foundation’s wider strategy to improve mental health support for adolescents across

Greater Manchester.

Our resources and training are perfect to help schools meet new PSHE requirements.

Project Overview

The Lemonade Project consists of three strands:

The Lemonade Resource Book: 

A range of interactive, engaging activities designed to be used by small groups of young people. It covers six main chapters addressing many of the issues in the ‘Resilience Framework’, for example emotional literacy, self esteem and identity, and dealing with challenge


The Tough Times Toolkit:

A conversation aid which consists of suggested questions and prompts which can help get to the root of any problems a young person might be experiencing, as well as an informal risk assessment. It also includes ideas for strategies that an adult may want to suggest to a young person to try and help them manage strong emotions.

The Life and Lemons Journal:

An interactive resilience journal for young people. We believe that the best way this journal can be used is to allow the young person to take it way, use in their own time, and then meet back to discuss any issues that it might have raised in a safe space with a parent/teacher or trusted adult.

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