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For staff working at primary schools, we have a series of six workshops with lesson plans and resources ready to use. The 'Moving On Well Workshops Handbook' includes activities that help children to build emotional resilience, along with discussions and games that help children to get ready for the more practical aspects of starting secondary school.

See a summary of the handbook contents below:

session one

Session Objectives:

  • Introduction to Emotional Resilience

  • Reflecting on past achievements

Pupil Outcomes:

  • Children think about their basic emotional and physical well-being and understand some of the ‘building blocks’ that support emotional resilience.

  • Reflecting on past achievements allows the pupils to have pride and builds self-esteem and confidence in preparation for their next step.

secondary school staff

For secondary school staff, the 'Understanding Transition Guide' will help you learn more about the very real differences between primary and secondary and how best to bridge those differences.

See a summary of the guide contents below:

practical changes

Travel to and from school:

Pupils are more likely to travel independently. The journey is likely to be longer, more complex and may involve public transport.

Daily routine changes significantly with earlier school start time and longer travel time.

Uniform expectations:

Primary - Uniform is often more casual (without ties or blazers) with the option to wear cheaper unbranded alternatives. Footwear policy includes black trainers and a variety of shoe styles are accepted. Pupils are reminded to wear the correct uniform but generally not sanctioned for incorrect items of clothing.

Secondary - Uniform is more formal with specific branded items of clothing. For some pupils/parents signposting to financial support is needed. Strict footwear policy. pupils must wear the correct uniform at all times and receive sanctions if the uniform policy is not being followed. Pupils must get used to new rules for wearing blazers, school jumpers and outdoor coats etc.

Around school:

The school setting is much larger and unfamiliar to new pupils. One of the biggest fears for new Year 7s is getting lost. 

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